Global Digital Compact

Global Digital Compact
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Last week, states in New York reviewed the latest draft of the UN Global Digital Compact. The GDC is an initiative of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to establish shared principles and state responsibilities for the internet and AI. It's expected to be adopted at the UN Summit of the Future in September.

I joined a letter with other internet and web architects to remind everyone how the internet is already being governed not as a power play but because multistakeholderism works.

CDT CTO Mallory Knodel Joins Letter Urging UN’s Secretary-General and Envoy on Technology to Uphold Inclusive Model of Internet Governance
Today, a group of technical experts involved in the development and maintenance of the Internet and the Web – including CDT CTO Mallory Knodel – published an open letter calling on the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General and the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology to “uphold the bottom-up, collaborative and inclusive model of Internet governance that has served the […]

Unrelatedly I'm headed to the UN next week for a convening on Open Source Programme Offices (OSPOs), followed by HOPE!

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The importance of technological standards development processes

My first global standards meeting was in 2014 while working as a technical specialist at the Association for Progressive Communications. Marking nearly ten years, next week I'll moderate a learning call with the APC network to discuss with dear colleagues the importance of standards for global human rights organisations. Avri Doria, Leandro Navarro, Juliana Guerra, and Carlos Rey-Moreno will be helping to identify action-oriented engagement in standards that furthers gender, climate and social justice.

The session is closed, but here's a solid reading list:

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