Targeting targeted ads; Everything old is new again

Targeting targeted ads; Everything old is new again
Photo by Mathyas Kurmann / Unsplash

Behavioral advertising is about to meet its demise. Scholar-activist Nathalie Maréchal and privacy expert Nick Doty, with colleagues at the Center for Democracy and Technology, have just launched The Future of Online Advertising project.

For years it's been apparent that Targeted Advertising Is Ruining the Internet and Breaking the World. It's time to do something about it.

Old news: I was reminded that this is not the second but the third time I have edited a newsletter. I was the faithful editor of the monthly "Lowdown" for social movement hosting provider May First/People Link from January 2009 to December 2011:

And then of course readers will recall the monthly I-Star newsletter from CDT, too, which many of you subscribed to and on which this hebdomadaire is based.

The new news:

The ITU Radiocommunication Sector is meeting until 15 December in Dubai. Space internet, spectrum regulation are just a couple of the items on this quadrennial meeting's agenda. While the ITU was swift and vocal in denouncing the internet shutdown in Gaza, Secretary General Doreen Bogdan-Martin's opening speech "both-sides" the lives lost.


NSO Group allegedly lobbying governments to loosen restrictions on its spyware amidst Gaza-Israel conflict - Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre has been absolutely crucial in its coverage lately. Give them a follow.

Will the Online Safety Act protect us or infringe our freedoms?
After six years of development, child safety and free speech campaigners react to the long-awaited internet laws.

If you want a crisp list of worries, turn to ARTICLE 19's analysis of everything wrong the UK's fresh Online Safety Bill.

Ottawa’s lack of support for Montreal bid for global Internet conference is a win for autocracy
Global Internet Governance Forum conference will be hosted in Saudi Arabian after the Trudeau government declined support for a Canadian bid to host the event

The Internet Governance Forum, controversially, is going to Riyadh in 2024. It could have gone to Montreal.

New CDT Report Looks at Strategies Teens Use to Be Safe Online
(WASHINGTON)–The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) today released new research examining how young people between the ages of 14 and 21 feel about unwanted messages online and how they keep themselves safe. CDT Research Fellow Michal Luria, the study’s author, found that many young people in A…

Turns out that teens are keenly aware of what "unsafe" feels like online, and they want more, not less, agency over their own experience online.

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